Mohammed Shami Net Worth, BCCI Salary, IPL Salary, Jersey number

Mohammed Shami, a prominent figure in Indian cricket, represents the India team and the Gujarat Titans in the IPL as Fast bowler. His net worth, estimated at around $6 million (approximately Rs. 47 Crore INR), reflects his successful career in cricket. This article delves into his life story, career achievements, net worth, personal life, awards, and interests.

Shami main income source stems from his cricket career, including his salary from the Indian national team and the IPL. Endorsements and personal investments also contribute significantly to his wealth.

Mohammed Shami Net Worth

As of 2023, Mohammed Shami estimated net worth stands at around $6 million, which is approximately 47 crore Indian Rupees (INR). His net worth has seen a 40% increase over the years, thanks to his cricketing prowess and brand endorsements. primarily accrued from his professional cricket career, including substantial earnings from the Indian Premier League (IPL) and the Indian national team. His IPL salary, particularly from the Gujarat Titans, has been a significant contributor to this growth.

Here is the Table illustrating the growth in Mohammed Shami net worth from the year 2020 to 2023:

Year Net Worth
2020 Rs 20 Crore INR
2021 Rs. 35 Crore INR
2022 Rs. 45 Crore INR
2023 $6 Million (Rs. 47 Crore INR)

Mohammed Shami IPL Salary

Mohammed Shami IPL journey has been lucrative, with substantial contracts from teams like Kings XI Punjab and Gujarat Titans. His salary from these franchises has played a crucial role in his financial growth.

Shami’s IPL salary over the last 5 years:

Year IPL Salary (INR)
2023 6.25 Crore (Gujarat Titans)
2022 6.25 Crore (Gujarat Titans)
2021 4.80 Crore (Punjab Kings)
2020 4.80 Crore (Punjab Kings)
2019 4.80 Crore (Punjab Kings)

Mohammed Shami Career

Shami’s career began in Bengal’s Ranji team and quickly escalated to the national team. Known for his fast-medium bowling, he has been instrumental in many of India’s victories in Tests, ODIs, and T20Is.

Mohammed Shami BCCI Salary

As a centrally contracted player, Shami earns a significant salary from the BCCI. This, combined with match fees for Tests, ODIs, and T20Is, forms a major part of his income.

Mohammed Shami Jersey Number

Mohammad Shami Jersey number 11

Mohammed Shami, the renowned Indian cricketer, is recognized for his jersey number 11. This number has become a significant part of his identity on the cricket field, symbolizing his presence and impact as a fast bowler in the Indian cricket team. Over the years, Shami’s jersey number 11 has been seen in numerous matches, both in international cricket and the Indian Premier League (IPL), where he has made substantial contributions to his teams’ successes.

Mohammed Shami Car Collections

Shami has an affinity for luxury cars, owning models like the Toyota Fortuner, BMW 5 series, and Audi.

Mohammed Shami Achievement and Awards

His achievements include impressive records in international cricket, He has achieved remarkable milestones in his career, earning him recognition and awards both nationally and internationally. Some of his notable achievements and awards include:

  1. Fastest Indian to 100 ODI Wickets: Shami set a record as the fastest Indian bowler to reach 100 wickets in One Day Internationals (ODIs), a testament to his skill and consistency in limited-overs cricket.
  2. Hat-trick in ICC Cricket World Cup 2019: He achieved a memorable hat-trick against Afghanistan in the 2019 ICC Cricket World Cup, becoming only the second Indian to do so in a World Cup match.
  3. Impressive Test Records: In Test cricket, Shami has been a key player for India, achieving multiple five-wicket hauls and playing crucial roles in India’s overseas victories, particularly in conditions favorable to fast bowling.

Mohammed Shami Brand Endorsements

He is associated with prominent brands like Nike, a global leader in athletic apparel, OctaFX, an online currency trading company, Blitzpools, a fantasy gaming platform, and Stanford, a cricket equipment manufacturer. These diverse endorsements not only reflect Shami’s wide-ranging appeal across various sectors but also contribute substantially to his overall net worth, showcasing his marketability beyond the cricket field.

Attribute Details
Nickname Shami
Age 33 years
Profession Cricketer
Net Worth $6 Million (Rs. 47 Crore INR)
IPL Salary Varied (Up to ₹ 6.25 Crore INR in 2023)
Brand Endorsements Multiple


  1. What is Mohammed Shami’s net worth? Mohammed Shami’s net worth is estimated to be around $6 million (approximately Rs. 47 Crore INR).
  2. Which IPL team does Mohammed Shami represent? Mohammed Shami represents the Gujarat Titans in the IPL.
  3. What are Mohammed Shami’s major career achievements? Shami is known for being the fastest Indian to take 100 ODI wickets and achieving a hat-trick in a World Cup match.
  4. What is Mohammed Shami’s jersey number? Mohammed Shami’s jersey number is 11 a significant part of his cricketing identity, recognized by fans worldwide.

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