Discover the Sweet Side of Maldives: Top 10 Must-Try Delicacies

The Maldives, a tropical paradise known for its stunning beaches and crystal-clear waters, is also home to a delectable array of sweet treats that reflect the island’s rich culinary heritage. If you have a sweet tooth, the Maldivian cuisine offers a variety of traditional desserts, often made with coconut, tropical fruits, and a bounty of fresh seafood. Here, we delve into the top 10 must-try Maldivian sweets that will offer a blissful end to any meal.

The Sweet Staples of Maldives

Maldivian sweets are not just food items; they are a part of the cultural tapestry that makes the country so unique. Many of these sweets are made using local ingredients that are abundant in the islands, like coconut, rice, and tropical fruits. They are a testament to the ingenuity of Maldivian cooks who often have to work with a limited array of ingredients due to the geographic isolation of the islands.

1. Bondibaiy (Maldivian Rice Pudding)

 A Comforting Classic – Bondibaiy is a classic Maldivian sweet, akin to rice pudding, which is often prepared during festive occasions. Made with sticky rice, coconut milk, and sweetened with condensed milk or sugar, it’s a comforting treat that soothes the soul.

2. Saagu Bondibai (Sago Pudding)

A Tropical Delight :This delightful pudding made from sago pearls is a popular dessert in the Maldives. Cooked with coconut milk and sweetened with palm sugar, it’s often flavored with cardamom or rosewater for that extra aromatic touch.

3. Foni Boakiba (Rice Cake)

H3: A Slice of Tradition Foni Boakiba is a traditional rice cake, flavored with coconut, rosewater, and sometimes cardamom. This dense cake is a staple during Maldivian festivals and family gatherings.

4. Gulha (Fish Balls)

A Sweet and Savory Fusion While Gulha are mainly savory fish balls, they can sometimes come in sweet versions too. These are made with tuna, coconut, and a hint of sugar, encapsulated in a dough and fried to perfection.

5. Kulhi Boakibaa (Spicy Fish Cake)

A Unique Sweet and Spicy Mix Kulhi Boakibaa is a sweet and spicy cake made from smoked fish, coconuts, onions, and ground rice. Its distinctive flavor profile is an exciting experience for the palate.

6. Dhonkeyo Kajuru (Banana Fritters)

A Fruity Indulgence Banana fritters, or Dhonkeyo Kajuru, are a beloved Maldivian snack. Ripe bananas are mashed and mixed with flour, sugar, and coconut, then deep-fried to golden-brown perfection.

7. Han’daa (Coconut Pastry)

A Coconut Lover’s Dream Han’daa is essentially a coconut pastry, made by wrapping a coconut mixture in a thin pastry sheet and then deep-frying it. It’s crispy on the outside with a sweet, chewy filling.

8. Theluli Mas (Fried Fish)

 The Sweetness in Savory Though typically savory, Theluli Mas can be enjoyed with a sweet chili sauce that adds a sugary kick to the crispy fried fish, creating an addictive sweet and savory snack.

9. Addu Bondibaiy (Addu Style Rice Pudding)

 A Regional Specialty The Addu Bondibaiy is a variation of the classic Bondibaiy from the Addu Atoll. It is often enhanced with pandan leaves and cardamom, setting it apart from its traditional counterpart.

10. Muthagandu (Sugar Balls)

Sweet Simplicity Muthagandu is a simple yet delicious confection made from sugar, rice flour, and coconut milk, often colored and shaped into small balls.

Maldivian Sweets at a Glance

Here’s a table summarizing the top Maldivian sweets and their key ingredients, to help you get a quick idea of what to expect from each dessert.

Sweet Treat Key Ingredients Flavor Notes
Bondibaiy Rice, Coconut Milk, Sugar Creamy, Sweet
Saagu Bondibai Sago, Coconut Milk, Sugar Sweet, Soft, and Aromatic
Foni Boakiba Rice, Coconut, Rosewater Dense, Sweet, Aromatic
Gulha (Sweet Version) Tuna, Coconut, Sugar Sweet, Savory
Kulhi Boakibaa Smoked Fish, Coconut, Rice Sweet, Spicy, and Savory
Dhonkeyo Kajuru Banana, Flour, Coconut Sweet, Fruity
Han’daa Coconut, Pastry Dough Crispy, Chewy
Theluli Mas Fish, Sweet Chili Sauce Savory, Sweet
Addu Bondibaiy Rice, Coconut Milk, Pandan Aromatic, Creamy
Muthagandu Sugar, Rice Flour, Coconut Sweet, Simple


Exploring Maldivian sweets is a journey through the essence of the islands’ culinary landscape. Each of these desserts tells a story of tradition, celebration, and the Maldivian way of life. Be it the creamy texture of Bondibaiy, the aromatic presence of Foni Boakiba, or the simple sweetness of Muthagandu, these treats are not to be missed. On your next trip to the Maldives, make sure to indulge in these local delights to truly complete your Maldivian experience.

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