Bhuvneshwar Kumar’s Net Worth: A Comprehensive 2023 Analysis of IPL and International Earnings

Bhuvneshwar Kumar, an eminent cricketer from India, has made significant contributions to the sport, particularly in the Indian Premier League (IPL) and international cricket. His financial success is a reflection of his remarkable cricket journey.

Net Worth Overview

  • Total Net Worth (2023): $9 Million USD (Approx. 75 Crore Indian Rupee)​​​​.
  • Income Sources: Primarily from cricket, including IPL contracts, international matches, and brand endorsements​​​​.

IPL Earnings Breakdown

  • IPL Salary: A major portion of Bhuvneshwar Kumar’s earnings stems from his IPL contracts​​​​.
  • Notable IPL Salary Trends:
    • 2023: Sunrisers Hyderabad – ₹42,000,000
    • 2022: Sunrisers Hyderabad – ₹42,000,000
    • 2021: Sunrisers Hyderabad – ₹85,000,000
    • 2020: Sunrisers Hyderabad (Retained) – ₹85,000,000
    • Total IPL Earnings: ₹601,262,778​​.

International Cricket Earnings

  • BCCI Contract Status (2023): Bhuvneshwar Kumar was removed from BCCI’s annual contract retainer list in 2023​​.
  • Total Earnings: Approximately INR 59,94,62,778, inclusive of IPL and other cricket-related earnings​​.

Endorsement Deals

  • Brand Endorsement Fees: Charges around INR 30 to 50 lakh for a single advertisement appearance​​.
  • Prominent Brands: Associated with brands like ASICS, Nutramantra Products, and others, reflecting his strong market value​​.

Asset Overview

  • Luxury Assets:
    • House: Luxury designer house in Meerut, India, along with multiple real-estate properties across the country​​.
    • Cars: Collection includes BMW 530d M-Sport, Audi Q3, and a CBR bike​​.
  • Annual Income: Approx. Rs. 9 Crore INR​​.
  • Remuneration from BCCI: Approx. Rs. 2-2.5 Crore INR​​.
  • Luxury Cars Value: Rs. 1.5-2 Crore INR​​.


Bhuvneshwar Kumar’s financial profile is a testament to his successful cricket career and commercial appeal. His net worth, primarily composed of IPL earnings, international match fees, and lucrative endorsement deals, highlights his stature in the world of cricket and beyond.


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